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Age Is Just A Number

One of my first mentors I had early in my career told me that I would play my best basketball between the ages of 26-36. His rationale was that I would be smarter than the average 18 year old and have enough gas in the tank to get past them.

I'm 44 and I would have to say that I am a much better and more athletic player than I was during those years. Check out the video on this page.

The reason I share this is that many times we find excuses why we don't perform the way we would like to. One of the best excuses out there is age, mostly on the side of being too old or too slow or too set in my ways. I believe that it is never too late to develop good habits and gain athletic skills. You just have to want it.

For me, I had suffered two ACL injuries within 9 years of each other (one on each knee). I remember hearing the doctor give me options and one of them was never playing the game I loved again. I'll admit that I cried, but then something inside of me said I could play again if I wanted to and put in the work. After the second surgery, i had the crazy idea that I could be better than i was before which included the thought of being able to dunk better than i could before. I followed all the doctor's orders and became obsessed with working my legs so that i not only wouldn't get injured again but to increase my vertical. You can read about my feeling on the importance of developing strong legs in a previous article titled "Legs: The Secret Sauce" (click here)

The short of the story is that at 43 I still got some hops and can still take on the young bucks who think they can get me by "Going The Distance" with me in what has become known as the infamous 100pt game (read more about that here)

So don't let something like age be an excuse. Age is just a number. The ability to take your game to the next level is all about your mindset. Set your mind to do great things and you will be amazed what you can do!

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