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What Are They Saying?

For nearly 25 years, Jason has dedicated his work to mentoring and developing leaders. Here are a few words from some of the people he has partnered with in development of tomorrow's leaders today!


"Growing up playing basketball Jason Robinson was a perfect mentor that helped me develop not only as a ball player but as a man of God. During high school it was crucial to have a role model invest in my life outside of my family. He showed me how to play fair but tough and keep my focus on the most important things. Our time together built a foundation of confidence that I have kept with me for the rest of my life."​

Dr. Jon Toftoy D.C.

Newark HS '97 (Basketball),

Northwestern Univ. '01

I didn’t have many mentors growing up so Jason is someone I really look up to and admire how he carries himself on and off the court. While he has helped my game on the court more importantly he has helped me become the man I am today. No matter what I have to talk about whether it’s about life, faith, basketball, or even just talking trash to each other he’s always there to talk and give his insight. Since meeting Jason I’ve vastly grown in my faith and my relationship with God, which is way more important to him than how many jump shots I make or steals I get. I’ve become a better basketball player as well as a better man through the years and I believe Jason deserves a lot of credit for that.

Kyle Anderson

Newark HS '11 (Basketball), Univ. of Delaware '15 (Basketball)

Jason Robinson is a true man of God!  He has a tremendous talent of developing people into the best versions of themselves that they can be! He is a very hard worker and cares for others unconditionally.  If someone ever needed help, he will be the first one there. He will also be the first one there if any word of a pickup basketball game is happening! I encourage anyone who is going through challenges or standing at a fork in the road to reach out to J-Rob for help!

J.R. Niklos

6 Year NFL Veteran, Director Sports Performance - Acceleration Naperville

Jason Robinson is not only a true friend and an amazing person, but one of the best mentors I have had both on and off of the court. He has helped me develop both as a basketball player and all around athlete, but most importantly as a person both religiously and in general. My best interests were always in his heart when we would meet up to train and to talk about life. Jason has truly been interested and invested in my well being and development as a person. I would not be the man I am today both as a person and a Christian without Jason and his mentoring. He knows how to use training to not only develop and influence athletes but genuine people as well and I couldn't thank him enough for everything he has done for me. The work ethic he has help instill on me has helped me not only on the court and track but also in school and with my jobs. Jason is a true man of God and I admire him for that and strive to be the person he tells me that I can be. When it comes to developing athletes and genuine people there are few who come close to comparing to Jason and his ability to transform someone into not only an athlete but a good person

Kyle Pembrook  

Neuqua Valley High School '10 (Basketball, Football, Track & Field)

North Central College '15 (Basketball, Track & Field)


​Jason Robinson is much more than a friend, a trainer, he is a mentor that has affected my life in more ways than one. He has influenced me to keep working regardless of the outcome. Never be satisfied in what you have accomplished and keep grinding and keep striving to do better and bigger things. Not just on the court, but in life as well. Jason has taught me, influenced me, and inspired me to be the best that I can be. Anybody would be lucky to have this man as a mentor, but more than that, a friend that you can confide in and can run to whenever needed.​


Jack Kreiger

Plainfield North HS '11 (Basketball, Volleyball), St. Xavier Univ. '16 (Basketball) Led nation (NAIA Div. II 3pt. FG% Nov. 12-Jan.'13)

Jason mentored me on and off the court throughout high school. He was able to show me how to play to the best of my ability and how to take my game to the next level. Jason's work with me has prepped me for my college years at Wheaton College and my life after college in New York City. I highly recommend his training.


Graham Smith

Neuqua Valley HS '08 (Basketball), Wheaton College '12

Jason has been a great friend, an even greater opponent on the basketball court, and a great mentor. His training has helped me stay focused through high school basketball. He directly helped me achieve every goal I set out to achieve. It wouldn't have been possible for me to have had the success I did without Jason's mentoring. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to sports, motivation, and life in general. His workouts and 1 on 1 challenges on the court continue to make me more durable, more adaptive to adversity, and stronger. If you want to dedicate your all into what you want in life and really want to earn success, Jason should be your mentor


Sam Hanson

Metea Valley HS '14 (Basketball,Baseball), Ohio University '18

I have worked with and been friends with Jason Robinson for 15 years. His friendship and mentoring has meant a lot to me. I met Jason while I was in college at the University of Illinois. He pursued me and assisted me in developing my spiritual life and leadership abilities. Much of his coaching was done on the basketball court or over coffee. We have remained good friends and our relationship is still strong today.

Jason is a very relational person and thrives to see people succeed. He has a special gift with young people, especially. He has a lot of practical wisdom to offer about life and achieving your goals and is a great encourager. Everyone should have a fan like Jason in their life!


Dan Hoyme

Director, Advanced Missions Training - Overland Misions, Univ. of Illinois '03

Whether or not you spend your time in the gym or if you are lacking the work ethic it takes to become great. Jason Robinson has made me develop the work ethic and the drive to become a better player not just on the court but off of it. Jason has had a significant impact on how I matured into a man and became the person I am today. I am now attending the University of Illinois as a James scholar. The advice Jason has given me over the years has been imperative to the successes I have achieved through the midst of the adversities I went through in high school. Becoming a better athlete is great but becoming a better person is something that carries on for the rest of your life​​.

Ryan Hunt

Champaign Centennial HS '13 (Basketball, Golf), Univ. of Illinois '17

I first met Jason at a basketball camp that he was coaching. He made it obvious to me that God had given him a desire to mentor me throughout my high school years, and help me improve my basketball skills. We worked out on the court together once a week, followed by a one-on-one Bible study. Through these times together my game has improved drastically, but more importantly my faith has been strengthened. Jason has helped me become a better leader both on and off the court, and I am very thankful that he has taken the time to make a positive impact on my life.

Brett Anderson

Newark HS '13 (Basketball), Anderson Univ. '17 (Basketball)

"Jason Robinson has helped me become the man I am today in several different ways. Not only has he helped me become a leader on the field, but more importantly, he has helped me become a leader in the community and in the classroom. He always makes sure my priorities are straight and he drives me to be the best man I can be. It's very evident how genuinely passionate he is about the people he works with and we are all better for it in the end. I am extremely thankful and blessed for everything he has done for me and I have developed into a better person, and a leader, as a result of our relationship."

Dylan Andrew

Neuqua Valley HS '13 (Football), Univ. of St. Thomas '17 (Football)

I met Jason a little over 4 years ago and he has been a tremendous influence in my life ever since. He has a special desire to truly better the people he is around and that is what I admire most about him. In my case, I have learned from him how to monitor my competitiveness in an appropriate and fun way on and off the field. Also, our conversations about faith and life have only strengthened my relationship with my Lord and Savior and the duty I have as a man of God. Jason has the ability to stretch my mind to look at things in a way I never would have before. I have grown as a person very much because of Jason, and am constantly thanking God for bringing him into my life as a great friend and as a mentor.

Brennan McClung

Naperville North HS '11(Baseball) Elmhurst College '15 (Baseball)

Jason Robinson has been a huge factor in my life. My relationship with him has motivated me to hone my ability to mentor others because of the way he took time to invest in me and make me a better man. He has pushed me in basketball but also in life, and gave me confidence in so much more than athletics. 

Jason has been there for me when I needed counsel, when I needed good competition for 1-on-1 bball, and when I needed a friend. I would trust him with my life, and I would reference him for anything involving sports mentoring without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

John Albaugh

Wheaton Academy '07 (Basketball), Gordon College MA. (Basketball), Clemson Univ. '11

Jason has done so much for my family and I. Not only has he improved my basketball skills, but is there for me as a friend and a mentor. As a coach, he has a variety of drills that he uses that are very useful in games and have made me more versatile. He pushes you to compete at your best and not slack off because he knows in order for you to become better you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone.Jason trains college athletes all the way down to the middle school/elementary school level. Everybody that works out with him tells me their game too has improved dramatically. He is a great man and if you ever wish to seek advice in life, want to improve your basketball game or want to seek a friend, Jason Robinson is the perfect man.

James Callegari

Oswego East HS '14 (Basketball)

Univ. of St. Francis (IN) '18 (Basketball)

Jason Robinson has been one of the most influential people in my adult life. Jason has pushed me to work harder the past 4 years of my life in order to become a better basketball player, and follower of God. He has taught me to set my goals high, and to push myself to the limit everyday in order to try and achieve them. He has been a great mentor, as well as a close friend to me. Jason has a love for the game of basketball unlike any I have seen before. He is in the gym as much as his schedule allows, and always pushes me to join him. I am thankful that Jason has been with me during my varsity career and we will stay in touch when I leave for college.

Matt Gialamas

Waubonsie Valley HS '14 (Basketball)

Indiana University '18

My man JRob is the real deal. He’s been one of the most influential male figures in my life, when I was at my lowest he was there and he was also there at my peaks. I don’t think I can really put into words how much he’s motivated me and inspired me to just be a better person. He is an example for all young athletes to look at, Jason is 43 years old and still putting in work in the gym and still has goals to better himself, and that’s what he preaches, just to set high goals and don’t let anyone impede your progress.

Cristian Medrano

Waubonsie Valley HS '14 (Basketball)

Jason is first and foremost a man of God. He has been blessed with the powerful and impactful ability of mentorship. Jason connects with youth through activities, involvement and conversation to mentor them to strive for new heights spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. I am saying these things from personal experience with Jason. I have looked up to him as a man who is willing to step up and speak life, truth and godly guidance into the lives of young men.

Jack Klein

North Central College '13 (Football)


​Jason not only cared about my basketball skills. He also put much effort into me as a person. He has and still checks up on me on a regular basis. When talking to Jason, he gives me deep and insightful ideas. He is personal and actually cares about me as an individual. He provides me with spiritual mentorship and always finds a way to challenge, encourage, or help me with my relationship with Christ. Honestly, there are many good basketball coaches and spiritual mentors in this world. However, to find the combination of a basketball coach and a spiritual mentor is a rare thing. Jason brings both of these aspects to the table and I am eternally grateful for the impact he has and will make on my life.

Kurt Anderson

Newark HS '09 (Basketball),

Trinity Int'l Univ. '13 (Basketball)

“Jason Robinson is truly a self-less man, who fully embodies the concept of ‘passing it on’ and being one of the best motivators and mentors that I have seen. What started as 1 on 1 pick up games, quickly led to discussions in which he pushed me to better myself as a leader and person-on and off the field. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me. It is inspiring to know that there are people like J-Rob that care about the future generations as much as he does.”


Aaron Pearlman
Metea Valley HS ’12 (Football, Baseball), Eureka College ’16 (Football)


My relationship with Jason is among the most valuable I have. After randomly meeting in a gym, he has grown to be an “MVP of a friend.” He is genuine, kind, and a consistent supporter of me as a try to chase my dreams. He been a great partner for accountability and has proven himself as strong listener and as sound source of advice. I can think of no better person for those looking for relatable and wise mentor who will help them grow into man as they tackle challenges of sports, social life, and family as a young Christian adult than Jason. He will be there for you, and today I am truly thankful for his friendship. 


Ryan French

Former soccer player 

US, France, Haiti

I’m honored to call J Rob a mentor and more importantly a friend. I’ve known J Rob for over five years now and I am forever grateful that God put this man in my life. I can always count on J Rob for wisdom and encouragement when I am facing adversity. J Rob has been a rock in my life during the storms that I have passed through. J Rob has a contagious smile and a glowing personality. Even when J Rob beats you 1 on 1, which trust me he will, he is a gentleman. Just an hour of shooting hoops and hanging out with J Rob will refresh your soul.

Trevor Rea

Plano HS '12 (Football) Dixie State '16 (Football)


Jason has been an incredible mentor and friend in my life. His capacity to Love is beyond measure. Jason is always the guy you want to go to when you have a problem or just need a friend to talk to. I have been friends with Jason a little over 3 years now, and I must say he is one of my best friends. One of the most competitive guys I know on and off the basketball court, I Love it though, because I am the same way. Playing basketball with Jason goes beyond just basketball, its the conversations after the game that means the world to me. I think its safe to say that Jason has played a big role in pushing me to be "the best version of myslef" and who God has called me to be, and for that I just want to say, thank you :)

Eric Hilgers

Musician, Recording Artist



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