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30 Days To Better Hops: The Challenge

At age 44, I am not satisfied with what I can do athletically. As a basketball player, most want to be able to dunk a basketball, I am no different. Where I differ is that I still can do it at my age. (Check out a video done shortly after my 44th Birthday)

But I am not satisfied with where I am and want to be able to do it better and more consistently and get that elusive two hand flush that I haven't been able to do for a few years. So I recently decided to go after it through a 30 Day program developed James Carter from Ingrained2Train. He's been my personal trainer for the last few years and the reason I am still dunking past my goal of 40 years old is because of his training. Check out his program on his website at

Yes I am a little crazy.........ok a lot crazy, but I am out to prove a point, mostly to myself and to others that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Just like i lost 50lbs (James helped me with that too), I figured I can be able to dunk a basketball until the old nemisis "Father Time" decides to take control. I am on a mission to hold him off as long as possible and I know that it can happen. The amazing thing is that I know it can happen for you too if you really want it, so here's my challenge: If you want to get your hops back or just actually get some, take this 30 day challenge with me and dare to dream of new heights!

See you at the Rim!

Stay Forever Strong!!!


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