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Getting In Touch With Our Inner Steph Curry

It's 12:30am while most are in the heat of their friday night fun, my hoop pal Brian and I are by ourselves in the

gym getting in touch with our inner Steph Curry. Two lefty shooters in the middle of some late night 1v1 (games to 100, 2's and 3's) deciding to take a "halftime" break. Now since we both are sports nuts (and writers) the convo has to be about why are we doing this and is this what guys like Steph Curry do to get described by other sports writers like this little bit from ESPN The Magazine's David Fleming in a article titled "Sports' perfect 0.4 seconds"

The game clock reads 6:31. The ball rises up Curry's body into the ideal shooting pocket just below his chest, while his middle finger and forefinger -- his shooting fork -- search instinctively for a seam at the center of the ball. As the ball continues its ascent, his right palm bends back flat until the skin of his wrist begins to wrinkle. The last thing Granger or any defender wants to see in this situation are the 16 Hebrew characters that Curry, in June, had tattooed on the inside of his shooting wrist. By the time that message from Corinthians (love never fails) flashes, it's too late.

The answer has to be yes, this is what guys like him (us) do! The old saying "shooters gotta shoot" definitely applies here. What else would drive anyone to sacrifice a friday night of fun on the town to be in the gym shooting the lights out. The depth of the love can be best described by the man himself. In the same Fleming article, Curry was quoted about his love of shooting.

"I love everything about shooting," says Curry, "but mostly that perfect form, when your body is in rhythm from the time you plant your feet to the time you release the ball. When it happens, everything is very smooth and calm from your feet through your release. Everything moves through you like a wave, almost. It's a beautiful thing."

If you don't get a warm feeling just reading that, then you ain't a true shooter! It just makes me wanna run to the gym right now and put up a few (hundred)! Who's in?

Stay Forever Strong!



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