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Go Hard or Go Home

"Go hard or go home" is a phrase that many people quote but very few live it. I have a friend named Josh (pictured left) who is one guy who lives it and has shown it from the first time we ever went up against each other in some 1v1 hoop. We played that game as a result of a convo we had about how nobody knows how to really compete anymore, so when i suggested we play some 1's he not only said yea, he said let's go for the 100pt game (click here to learn about the game). Boy did we ever get after it. I have always said there are only two speeds you play at; relentless and stop, and that first game was intense! We both knew that this was the start of an "Ironsharpening" relationship which we now get together a couple mornings a week to do some serious battle.

Most players today don't know how to compete the right way. What I mean by the right way is giving it 100% every time all the time and leaving it all on the court. When I see guys playing what I usually find is a lot of dribbling around and attempts at all the fancy "AND1" moves. They spend 20 minutes just to play one game to 11 by 1's and 2's. For me and Josh, our games to 100 are by 2's and 3's and we get it done in less than 20 minutes. The difference is that we don't spend time dancing around, we just get the ball, make a move to get past some tight D. Playing at game speed as if we were playing in a 5v5. We usually can get two or three games done in a little over an hour and get more of a workout that most people.

You wonder why I am bringing this up? I simply want to encourage players that you have to go hard everytime you step onto your court or field of choice. Whether it is practice or a game, you have to be relentless the entire time you are out there. Especially when it comes to practice, you need to be going at the same speed and with the same intensity as you would in games. The great Michael Jordan was quoted as saying that for him, he practices how he plays so that when it's game time, he's not doing anything different than he's already done. I'm sure that you know how that worked out for him.

The same thing can work for you. You have to make the decision that you are going to "Go Hard or Go Home" and then live like it. When you do, you will see your game rise up to new levels and you will be able to take on anyone who dares to step up to you and give them a game they will never forget!

Stay Forever Strong!



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