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Hall of Fame vs Hall of Very Good

I was listening to sports radio recently and one of the guys asked a question "Do you want to be in the hall of fame or the hall of very good?" It got me to thinking about what does it take to make it to the hall of fame. Many will answer the question yes but the real question is do you get it? For years I thought I was the only one who could tell within the first 5 seconds of watching a player to see if he gets it. That was until I read a blog by a colleague Alan Stein who validated my position (click here here to read Alan's article). He talked about how the first shot tells it all if their first shot is a form shot from close in then they "get it". I totally agree with his statement. If I see a guy whose first shot is some crazy three pointer or circus shot then they don't get it. The player who gets it knows that there's a process to warm ups. You have to "crawl before you can walk" or simply put you have to establish a foundation that you can build on. A hall of fame player is willing to take the time to go thru the process of developing the basics before trying to do any of the fancy stuff. It always bothered me watching young players who are practicing that spend 10 or 15 minutes on basics then spent 45 min to an hour on the "And1" fancy moves. Not that I'm against the moves but that shouldn't be the first thing or the main thing you work on. It's the fundamentals that get you in the hall of fame! For most players, the reality is that we won't get to the pro hall of fame, but we all have the goal of being the best we can be. It takes hours of dedication, always mastering the fundamentals to make you the kind of player that others will admire, respect, and yes even dislike because of your talents. Knowing that, get out there and put in the work that will get you to your desired goal! Stay forever Strong!



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