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It's About Building Leaders, Through Sports

A hot morning in a hot gym playing basketball and talking about life and leadership, for a mentor there's nothing better. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with two college students that I had the pleasure of mentoring during their high school years.  I wrote an article as they were finishing up their high school academic and athletic careers. In that article I named Matt and Sam as two members of my "All Star Attitude Team". (You can read the article by clicking here

In that article I explained that these guys are prime examples of how the right attitude will lead to success on and off the court. Both are working their way through college and to date, they have not disappointed. Even though they can still bring it on the court, they are bringing it in the classroom as they are preparing to conquer adult life in the business and science world. For them, they both credit their athletic careers as the foundation for the work ethic that they now have. At "The SportMentor" it goes well beyond mentoring athletes to excel at their chosen sport, but to help build them into leaders who will lead this next generation!

After more than 27 years of mentoring students, I have learned that the difference between success and failure is about your attitude. Having that attitude is no accident, it is something that has to be poured into you. Whether it is a parent, coach, trainer or even a sport mentor (life coach) you need to take advantage of all these people have to invest in you. The legendary coach John Wooden said it best  in his book A Game Plan For Life: The Power Of Mentoring when he said "A coach's primary function should be not to make better players, but to make better people"

Matt and Sam are two men that went well beyond being good athletes, but are even better people, It has been a privilege to walk with these guys and I look forward to continuing the journey as they move forward in life. 

As a mentor/life coach, I want to come alongside those who want more out of life. Through The Sport Mentor, I want to share with I have learned in the last 27 years of investing in the lives of others.  I invite you to check out the rest of my blog at

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