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Meet The Sport Mentor

Charles Barkley was quoted back in 1993 as saying "I'm not a rolemodel ......just because I dunk a basketball doesn't mean I should raise your kids" When I first heard him say that back then, it struck a nerve with me that still bothers me to this day over 20 years later. This is the driving force behind "The Sport Mentor". My name is Jason Robinson and I have been mentoring athletes for 20 years. I believe that when you play sports, whether you like it or not, people are looking up and at you and that makes you a role model in one way or another, positive and unfortunately negative.

What makes the difference between being a positive and negative role model are the people who you allow to speak into your life. I have had the privilege of mentoring students of all ages, athletes at all levels from youth to professional, civic, religious and business leaders for the last 20 years and all are the same, the successful ones know that the key to success is mentoring, both being mentored and being a mentor. That is why I started "The Sport Mentor"

The Sport Mentor website is not about one person, but it's a resource that I hope will help athletes and their families and loved ones find the resources and encouragement needed to raise their game to new heights. Some of the topics discussed include time management, goal setting, sport specific training, and sports performance training. Whether it's a recommendation for new books, websites, training materials or actual training or mentoring through our Sports Mentoring or Basketball Training, it's my hope that you will find something that will improve not only your game but your life.

Stay Forever Strong,

Jason Robinson



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