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Off Season: Embrace The Process

I read a quote today from one of the great college basketball coaches today that said " Today's society wants to skip the process, and I hate that". I must say that I share his sentement. Everyone likes all the glory that comes with success, but the road to success is one that has its highs and lows. The key to survival on the journey is learning to "Embrace The Process".

Whether you are training for your sport or you are training for life, there is a clear process that has to be endured to become a success. Embracing the process doesn't mean that you have to love what is happening, but it does mean that you can come to terms with all that comes along the way. I read an article recently about NBA player Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks. (Click here to read the article) In the article he talks about his pursuit of developing his deadly shot. His journey was one full of challenges that he had to overcome.

The overriding theme that I saw in the story is the idea of embracing the process and all the lessons that he needed to learn along the way. When we fail to embrace the process, we end up missing all the valuable lessons that we need along the way. What Kyle learned is how he operates, all the good details and all the not so good. All of these things factor into the end game for him, which is to have a shot that falls everytime he takes one.

For you, the endgame might be different but the principles are the same. You have to learn what you are good at and what you are not good at. It becomes the roadmap for your journey. This trip will test your mental, physical and emotional strength. In those trying times, you have to look towards the bigger picture which is your big goal. Visualizing your end goal will keep you focused and grounded. If you can handle that and embrace everything, you will find yourself moving closer to your goals and the success that you are chasing.



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