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Separating Yourself: Be A Competitor

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Sports is competitive in nature, but not everyone is equally competitive. There are some that play to have fun, some that play to get exercise and there are some who play to win. Which one are you? Success in sports is largely based on desire. Nobody really plays sports to lose, they want to win, but the question becomes how badly do you want to win everytime you compete. For me, everytime I see someone either dressed like they can ball or just look like they can, my first thought is do they play and how bad can I beat them! If that is you, then you might be a competitor.

MIchael Jordan was quoted as saying " I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." Michael was (and probably still is) one of the most competitive people on and off the court. He never showed up to a game or practice and didn't try to be the best. Sometimes as I spend time on courts across the city, I often see guys who may have some great athletic ability or one great move, but they don't use them in every aspect of the game. They can dunk but can's shoot to save their life. They can score, but won't play a lick of defense. If you are going to separate yourself from the competition, you have to be the one that is giving everything all the time on every part of the floor.

One of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, Pat Summitt was once qouted as saying "You can't be the most talented person in the room. But you can be the most competitive." I am a firm believer in that and I surround myself with players who think the same way. I am always stressing to my athletes that they have to go hard all the time while the game or practice is on. One of the best compliments a player can get is to be told "you are a competitor". Coaches and scouts recognize this in players when they are recruiting players. Anyone can display skills and get a highlight or two, but what about the player that dives on the floor after loose balls, or the one who is not afriad to go after the toughest player on the floor. That player is the that the coach gets impressed with more. If that is combined with solid skills, athleticism and game play, then that is a recipe for success on the next level.

So are you a competitor? Do you want to win everytime you play? Do you want to separate yourself for the competiton? Then get up and get to work, find the greatest challenge and go after it like a boss and BE A COMPETITOR!!!!

Stay forever strong!



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